Default Welcome Intent - search - get_name

Let's implement the search the GDG Cloud lead by name flow.


  1. Click Intent on the left menu.

  2. Hover on Default Welcome Intent - search.

  3. Click on Add follow-up intent.

  4. Choose Custom from the select menu.

  5. This will take you to the new created follow-up intent.

  6. Rename it to Default Welcome Intent - search - get_name.

  7. Click save.

  8. Under Training phrases a add a few sentences(image example below). You'll see the names are already recognised from our previously created entity @person_name

  9. Under Responses add some dummy/test responses (image example below).

Training phrases


We were given two selections, either search by name or skill.

This is the follow-up intent deals with the names.

For now add some test responses in the Responses.