search_terms entity

Let's create one more entity named search_terms.


  1. On the left Menu click Entity.

  2. Click the blue button that says Create entity.

  3. Name it search_terms.

  4. Type in the terms as in the image below.

  5. Click save.

  6. 🌟You've created your search_terms entity.

The final result should look like this:

screenshot of search_terms entity

If you prefer instead of typing each one, here's the CSV you can copy and paste:

  1. Click the more ( 3 dots) button

  2. Click Switch to raw mode

  3. Paste the data below within the CSV tab

"1","1","1st","first","first option","the first one","name"
"2","2","2nd","second","second option","the second one","skills","skill"

4. Click Save


The user is welcome to the conversation with the following message:

Agent says: Hi! Welcome to the GDG Cloud directory conversational app. Would you like to find a lead by 1. Name, 2. Skill?

The user then can reply stating they'd like one of the options.

User says: I would like to to search by skill.

In order to being able to redirect our users to the correct flow and ask the right question. We create another entity that will handle what the user types in.

Our search_terms entity will have 2 values :

name (or 1)

skill (or 2)